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VPS Reseller

With ResellersPanel, you can easily become a virtual private hosting server (VPS) reseller by simply subscribing to ResellersPanel's thoroughly automated hosting reseller program, which is in fact free to subscribe to. This way, you will be able to sell low-priced VPS hosting servers to your end customers, without needing to purchase the Virtual Private Servers yourself in advance, which is quite vital. This will spare you all the dollars that typically have to be spent by everyone who aspires to become a VPS web hosting reseller.

Private Virtual Servers - No Monthly Reseller Donations

Here is what every ResellersPanel's web hosting reseller will obtain after a quick signup procedure on ResellersPanel's web page:
- No subscription taxes or reseller installments at all
- Promote VPS server web hosting solutions without needing to pay for them in advance (no monthly deposits!)
- Put your own hosting prices on OpenVZ and Virtuozzo based virtual web server accounts
- Take advantage of the 24x7x365 customer support provision on behalf of your hosting company name

OpenVZ & Virtuozzo Powered VPS Web Servers

ResellersPanel's virtual private web hosting servers (VPSs) are provided with OpenVZ and Parallels Virtuozzo virtualization systems. They are the optimal solution for clients who would like to merge the power of a dedicated server with the accessibility and plainness of a shared hosting solution. The virtual web server hosting environment permits a physical web hosting server to be divided into numerous private virtual web hosting servers that perform completely independently of each other as far as working environment and functionalities are concerned. With each Virtual Private Server your customers will receive Secure Shell and root access to their own VPS hosting environment. Furthermore, your VPS hosting clients can resort to the managed VPS web hosting support services. At any moment they desire.

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS & Hepsia CP Driven VPS Web Server Hosting Services

Weekly Backed up Virtual Private Hosting Servers

ResellersPanel's virtual private web hosting server plans offer you and your Linux VPS web hosting clients all the functionalities needed to create a completely autonomous site hosting environment. Your custiomers will even have the opportunity to request a hosting CP activation. That way, they will be able to manage their virtual web hosting server as if they were managing a typical web hosting account. Your clients could benefit from the optional management services should they require help when installing new custom software on their virtual private hosting server or would like their private virtual web hosting server to be backed up each and every week.

United Kingdom, US and Aussie Based VPS Hosting Servers

This is impressive. Without spending any money, all hosting resellers of ResellersPanel's can trade virtual private hosting servers that are physically located in server farms scattered on three continents: America- in the USA, Europe - in Great Britain, and Australia. Thus embracing the wealthiest ninety five percent of the world's population. Extremely few website hosting distributors such as LONEX.COM HOSTING, for example, offer numerous data center facility locations. Very few reseller web hosting companies like ResellersPanel, for example, offer multiple server farm locations. At the moment, of all the reseller hosting corporations on the marketplace, only ResellersPanel offers VPS server hosting reseller solutions in numerous data center facilities: in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in Australia.

ResellersPanel - The Reseller Hosting Automation Fakir

ResellersPanel should probably be dubbed 'Mr. Has It All' - when it comes to different sorts of domain name and web hosting solutions being available at one and the same location. The VPS hosting servers are not the sole web hosting service you can sell with ResellersPanel at wholesale prices and under your own hosting company name – you can also offer semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers, shared website hosting accounts, domains and SSL certificates.

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